Men are better at dealing with life than women - at least according to The Physiological Society

A new report from The Physiological Society has revealed that women get more stressed than men about almost every key life event. From losing a smartphone to terrorism, the report suggests that men are better at dealing with the ups and downs of life than their female counterparts.

The report, which spoke to 2,000 UK residents discovered that the greatest difference in fear levels between men and women was over terrorism, followed by serious illness, moving homes and money problems. 

The most stressful  event for both genders was the death of a spouse or relative, and the idea of imprisonment and (interestingly) flooding.

So, the next time the women in your lives wonder why you are so calm in the face of a seemingly stressful event, do point them to this report. Not all superheroes wear capes.

The report also revealed that older people fretted more about illness and younger people about losing their phones. (Let's not get started on that one)

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