Women find creative men just as attractive as handsome men

Get the paint brush and the guitar out, gentlemen. The ladies apparently love a creative man as much as an Idris Elba or a young Brad Pitt.

Punching above your weight

A new study from the University of Abertay in Scotland has revealed that having a way with words, being talented with a paintbrush and being able to strum a guitar makes a man just as attractive to women as a handsome man who doesn't have the same talents.

In his experiments, Dr Christopher Watkins showed pictures of the faces of men and women, as well as text apparently written by the individuals whose pictures they were looking at. According to him, 'creativity had a more substantial effect on the attractiveness of men with less attractive faces than it did for men with attractive faces. Indeed, creative men with less attractive faces were equivalent in attractiveness to attractive, but less creative, men'.

On the other hand, creative women were not viewed as more attractive than those who were rated as less imaginative. No surprises on that one, to be honest.

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