SHARP GUY's guide to... men's accessories

Accessories, they say, make everything better. They are the exclamation points of every outfit and the the vitamins of fashion.

For too long, men's accessories has been limited to ties, cufflinks and and pocket square but thankfully we are seeing a renaissance in men's accessories with more options than ever and more exciting interpretations of classic accessories.

The journey of choosing the right accessories can be quite daunting so we've put together a short list of accessories to get you started. Let us know what you think


Ted Baker - £39

CHRISTY's - £129


3D Handcrafted Lapel brooch
OKUNRIN - from £15


Sterling Silver 6MM Curb Chain
Jewelery Box - £28


Kolt - All Black/Metal Black Skeleton Watch
Weird Ape - £159

Original 40 Mont Fort
Waldor & Co - £149


Lucky Penny Cufflinks
DarbyMade (Handmade in Britain) - £75

Strawberry Skull Cufflinks in Black
Paul Smith - £38 (ASOS)


Flying Pheasant Green 35mm Leather End Brances
Soprano - £22.95 (TiesOnline)

Navy Paisley 35mm Leather End Braces
Soprano - £23.95 (TiesOnline)


'Artist Stripe' Print Leather Belt
Paul Smith - £110


Mahogany Aztec Stainless Steel Money Clip
Jewellery Box - £20

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