Noel Clarke to produce Kidulthood TV series

UK filmmaker, Noel Clarke has confirmed that he is working on a TV series based on his hit 2008 movie, Kidulthood.

In a video posted on Instagram on October 1, Clarke gave viewers a glimpse of the script for the first episode of the series, titled 'Kidolescence', with the tag line - "New problems". Lionsgate UK and Clarke's Unstoppable Productions will produce multiple seasons of eight to ten 60-minute episodes of the series.

According to Clarke, "adapting Kidulthood for television allows fans to watch new characters deal with new problems in the world I created with my team." Clarke also said it will present "a lot of opportunity for new talent".

Steve November, Creative Director, UK Television for Lionsgate add, “I’m excited that we can bring Noel’s vision for Kidulthood to a huge new audience, both domestically in the UK and on a global scale. Noel’s script is contemporary and exhilarating and will bring something refreshing and original to television viewers.”

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