New technology to allow online gamers to feel opponents' stress levels

Imagine playing poker online and being able to feel your opponent's racing heartbeat or experience them shifting uncomfortably in their seat. This might soon be an everyday reality if gaming company, Casingdom LABs plans work out.

Casingdom LABs has been looking into the viability of introducing an element of biofeedback through haptic technology. Using the proposed technology, online players could gain unprecedented access to an opponent's state of mind (and body) during online gameplay. Signals such as increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and even pupil dilation can offer unique insights to players about how their opponent is feeling.

Casingdom LABs biofeedback

The gaming company is exploring the creation of some form of wearable technology which could introduce an exhilarating new dimension into the world of online gaming. Being able to feel an opponent's stress level rise or fall, and learning to control your own stress response could add a fascinating human element into what has so far been a particularly detached activity.

The technology is now being trialled with the gaming community so you could be hearing a lot more about it soon.

Casingdom LABs biofeedback

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