QUIZ: How well do you know football kits?

Football kit quiz

If you think you’re an expert on vintage shirts from seasons gone by, then test yourself with SBO.net’s quiz and match the years with fan favourites from seasons gone by!

While a club’s history is so often defined by their trophies and former players, there’s nothing quite like the nostalgia of memorable shirts for football fans.

Throughout the years, bold patterns and colours have produced some forgettable moments for clubs, but SBO.net has found some of the classic gems from football fashion history. Now you can test your knowledge to see if you remember when these notable kits were worn:

  • Liverpool’s eye-Candy shirt - Simple yet stunning, the reds got it right with this shirt, but was it worn by the ‘Spice Boys’ such as Robbie Fowler, or did it predate their arrival?
  • Manchester United looking Sharp - The long sleeves, the white shorts, the classic collar - This strip was worn in one of the many great eras for the Red Devils, but which year?
  • Dutch Courage - This vibrant orange strip is quintessential attire for any Netherlands fan, but how long ago was this throwback kit worn by some of Holland’s finest players? 
  • Arsenal’s Cranberry Collective - To commemorate the Gunners’ final season at their beloved Highbury stadium, the team donned a claret strip with gold lettering. While the strip left many divided, it has earned its place on the list.

Among these legendary kits are another 11 strips from teams spanning over decades of football history. To try the quiz for yourself and see how well you do, click here.

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