What to wear for every event this winter

What to wear for every event this winter

When the temperature drops, it can be a struggle to keep looking your best. With freezing cold conditions and wet weather to contend with, it can be tempting to just bundle up in the same jumper and coat every day. But there’s no need to get stuck in a wardrobe rut. We’ve compiled a list of what to wear for every major event this winter — just read on to learn more.

The office Christmas party

Unless your annual office bash has a black-tie dress code, it can be tricky to look smart without being overdressed. While it’s tempting to just reach for your usual work suit or shirt, this doesn’t really give the best impression: you want to show your workmates that you’re really in the mood to celebrate, so take the time to put together something stylish and a little different.

Consider wearing a black blazer in a festive finish like velvet, and style it with a smart pair of boots and some dark-wash jeans. Not only is velvet an on-trend fabric, but it’s versatile enough that you will be able to re-style it again on New Year’s Eve. If you’re looking to dress it up and add an extra talking point, then style it with a quirky bow tie. 

Christmas with the family

Family gatherings are an opportunity to let loose and relax, so don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s no need to overthink your outfit: a jumper, jeans, and some Christmassy slippers or socks will hit the right tone.

If you’re the sophisticated sort, and the thought of sporting a jingle-bell jumper or reindeer slippers fills you with dread, then opt for some classic festive knitwear instead. A fairisle or Nordic pattern jumper, like this selection from Brag Vintage, is festive and fun without being too in-your-face. Plus, it will keep you warm on those freezing family outings to the pub.

Outdoor matches

If you’re going to see your favourite team play this winter, don’t get caught out by the cold. Keeping warm at matches can be a challenge, especially after two hours on the stands in bitter weather, so come prepared. Layer up with some insulating thermal wear, and bring a couple of heat packs to slip inside your pockets for your hands — this selection of hand-warmers by Zippo will provide heat for up to twelve hours. Don’t forget to wear your favourite team’s signature scarf: according to fashion editor Emma McCarthy, the humble footie scarf is set to be a major menswear trend this winter.

Long periods spent outdoors in wintry weather can also be rough on your skin, causing drying, redness and discomfort. Slather on an intensive moisturising cream, like this protective moisturiser by Bulldog, before heading to outdoor events. A protective cream will also soothe skin that’s irritated by central heating systems, so incorporate it into your daily skincare routine.

Date night

Whether you’ve been with your beau for ten years or two weeks, a date is always a special occasion, so don’t let your outfit disappoint. For a sharp, sophisticated look, team a formal shirt in a luxurious fabric with some jeans and well-polished shoes.

Don’t just play it safe with a plain white shirt, though: stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching colour or print. This selection of formal shirts from Pritchards features a variety of bold patterns and pastel colours that are sure to impress on a date. 

Winter exercise

What to wear for every event this winter

If one of your resolutions is to get fit, you shouldn’t let the cold stop you. Although it’s tempting to retreat to the gym (or worse, the couch) during the winter months, getting some outdoor exercise is actually a brilliant remedy for the winter blues. Runner’s World reckons that outdoor exercise combats seasonal affective disorder, whereas Fitness Magazine argues that jogging in cold weather actually burns more calories than running on a treadmill.

There’s just one small problem: what to wear. You’ll need to keep warm, but bear in mind that your body temperature will rise rapidly as you run, so you don’t want to be bundled up in too many layers.

Some clever high-tech running gear will keep you warm without weighing you down or restricting your movements: look for smart clothes that will adapt to your body temperature, like this reactive running top from Under Armour. Layer with a lightweight waterproof and a pair of running gloves, and don’t forget a hat or headband to cover your ears — frostbite is never a good look.

With a bit of planning and few essential wardrobe staples, dressing for the winter can be a breeze. Take these tips on board, and you’ll be stylish and warm whatever the weather.

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