5 essentials every man needs to set up his home bar

5 essentials every man needs to set up his home bar

Don't really fancy a night on the town this week? You're not alone. In fact, 67% of 18–35 year olds in the UK are of the opinion that staying in is superior, according to a survey by the Guardian. 

So, instead of having to queue in the cold to get into a crowded club, take out a mortgage to buy a drink, then hang around again for a taxi, why not invite a few of your favourite people around to your house and make a night of it with your own home bar?

We've decided to help you out by listing five essentials that every aspiring home bar-owner needs — just read on to find out what they are.

The drinks trolley

If you've ever seen an episode of Mad Men, you'll know that no man's home is complete without a luxury drinks trolley. Not only are these nifty bits of furniture a great place to store all of your drink essentials, but they are completely portable, so you can wheel your bar to your location of choice.

We're a big fan of this Stirling Bar Trolley from Atkin and Thyme, which features an Art Deco polished brass look. It's also got three shelves and dividers for individual bottles or glasses, so you can count on it to keep you organised when you're hosting. 

The cocktail shaker

Not all of your friends' requests are going to be scotch on the rocks, so you'll need a cocktail shaker to prepare some of those fancier drinks. Once you've had some time to practice, you'll be able to serve up a huge range of cocktails to satisfy your guests with more complex tastes.

If you're going to prepare cocktails like a professional, you're going to need a shaker that performs well and looks great. This Gun Metal Parisian Cocktail Shaker from Alliance Online looks outstanding and a durable PVD coating for those inevitable moments you drop it on the floor.

The glasses

Although often an afterthought, a nice glass can really add the finishing touch to a drink. With this in mind, you're going to need a set of quality glassware if you want to serve up some really memorable beverages. It's worth bearing in mind that different drinks require certain types of glasses, so you may want to vary your collection.

However, if you're looking for some staple glassware to start you off, you can't go wrong with a highball-style glass. These understated and expertly crafted Circle Highball tumblers from Dartington Crystal can be used for a range of different drinks, whether it's a long cocktail or a mixer and spirit, making them a flexible option for your bar.

The booze

Your home bar isn't going to get very far without some liquid refreshment, so you'll need to make sure that you're always well stocked with a variety of spirits, mixers, and garnishes. If you or your friends have a few particular favourites, you might want to stock up to make sure you never run dry, but you may also want to try out a few new drinks, too.

A great way to have a ready supply of fresh ingredients for new and exciting cocktails is to sign up to a monthly subscription club, such as this one from Taste Cocktails. They'll send you a kit every four weeks to make up to six different recipes, so you'll never be in search of something new to try.

The corkscrew

While most of the spirits and mixers required to throw together a cocktail won't require one, having a quality corkscrew on hand at your bar is essential if you want to serve your guests something corked. In addition, there's always that friend who just sticks to beer, so investing in a corkscrew with a bottle opener built in is a good idea.

When it comes to quality corkscrews, you won’t find any better than those from Pulltaps, which are consistently recommended by experts in the drinks industry. We like their Classic 500, which is designed with everyday usability in mind. It's even available in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can choose the one that matches the rest of your bar gear.

If you aim to build the perfect home bar, you'll definitely need the five essentials listed in this article. Once you're kitted out, all that's left is to invite your friends around and have some fun playing the barman.

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