One in four avoid shopping online due to inconsistent sizing

Inconsistent sizing men

A new survey from UK designer clothing retailer, Tessuti has revealed that 27 per cent of consumers do not shop online because of inconsistencies in brand sizes. Almost half (45 per cent) regularly decide to shop in-store instead of online to make sure an item fits before making a purchase.

According to the survey of 1,400 shoppers, more than 90 per cent are confused by these inconsistencies and more than a third (37 per cent) said it was their main reason for returning an item of clothing.

For one shopper “The biggest problem is definitely that different brands have different sizes. I literally have every size from a Medium all the way up to XXL in my wardrobe”!

To address this issue, Tessuti has launched Fit Finder, an interactive size guide that asks shoppers things they are likely to know about themselves, rather than for specific body part measurements. For example, when buying jeans, the Fit Finder will ask for things like: height and weight, belly shape, hip shape, age, and fit preference. Made in conjunction with Fit analyticsIt also considers what size a user would normally pick in other popular retailers, to give the most accurate result possible.

Tessuti Fit Finder

Chris Bevan, Head of Multi-Channel at Tessuti commented: “Together with Fit Analytics we have worked to reduce problems with online sizing selection, by introducing the Fit Finder interactive size guide to the Tessuti website. It is clear there are frustrations around sizing inconsistencies across the market, and this user friendly tool should help to simplify sizing selection, alleviating common problems whilst simultaneously reducing returns rates.”

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