Maybach unveils new Ultimate Luxury SUV

Maybach SUV front

Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled images of its eagerly awaited concept car - the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury.

The Vision Ultimate Luxury is Maybach's first SUV and will be powered by an all-electric 4WD drivetrain, with a combined output of 750bhp. Top speed is 155mph and you can expect over 200 miles between charges. Unlike the Mercedes-Benz GLC or BMW X6, it is not a coupe-SUV. It is more like a salon with a SUV-like ride height, similar to the Volvo S60 Cross Country and the Subaru Outback.

The Vision Ultimate Luxury is like no other car on the market, especially in terms of its looks - both internally and externally. It comes with a luxurious interior with white leather and a of wood. The rear seats are also emblazoned with flowers and a Chinese tea set. The turbine wheels are 24 inches wide, the door handles sit flush and extend electronically. The rest

Mercedes-Maybach will debut the concept car at Auto China 2018 and the production version will launch in 2020.

Maybach SUV

Maybach SUV side

Maybach SUV back

Maybach SUV interior

Maybach SUV interior

Maybach SUV interior

Maybach SUV interior

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