Sneaker Hype - Nike Air Max 90/1

Hello boys and girls. How are we all? Anyone feeling nostalgic? If the answer is yes and you like hybrids, then this little excerpt is for you...

Images taken from The Drop Date

The Nike Air Max 90/1 marks a return after its limited appearance in the 'White/Gold-White' leather colourway all the way back in 1992. The shoe was one of the first Air Max models to undergo the “cut and shut” treatment by combining the upper of the Air Max 1/‘87 and the sole unit of the Air Max III/‘90. Despite combining the best of the key technologies of its time, the idea didn’t gain much traction after producing small amounts. However, given the small clamour amongst Air Max aficionados and the passing of time, Nike has decided to give this project another go.

Beyond sticking with the leather upper a la 1992 model, a small aesthetic improvement is made with the upper of the shoe by sporting the red detailing from the original Air Max 1 shoe. Visually, the shoe is striking with the hybrid look and simple colour combo.

The Nike Air Max 90/1 is out June 1st at all decent sneaker retailers.

This shoe should tug at your nostalgic soft-spot.


  1. Excellent can’t wait to get my hands on these.

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