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Nike Air Max 97/BW SK
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OK guys, the shoes you need to be paying attention to this week is the Nike Air Max 97/BW SK, also know as the Skair 2 (Part II). This shoe was created in collaboration with arguably the UK’s biggest grime artist Skepta and Nike, and follows on from 2017 release of the Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 x Skepta.

As much as this shoe is a follow-up from the 2017 release, in terms of aesthetics and execution, it’s worlds apart. It’s a cleaner look, deploying a hybrid approach borrowing the upper from the Nike Air Max BW model (BW meaning Big Window in reference to the visible Air unit) with an Air Max 97 sole unit. The colours white, red on the right foot and “Hyper Cobalt” blue on the left of the shoe highlights a deep Anglo-French bond through Skepta’s roots, growth and success as a musician.

The hype on the original collaboration in 2017 was huge, with the shoe selling out in stores on the day of release. It's conceivable to say that there were enough units in the 2017 release for everyone to acquire. This is mentioned because the 2018 iteration releasing worldwide on May 19th (The shoe was released in Paris on 14th May) is set to be extremely limited. The majority of select outlets stocking the shoe will be running raffles for the privilege of purchasing the shoe. Yes, raffle participation is really a thing in the sneaker scene.

In our opinion, this release is a worthy purchase for the summer vibes of 2018, though I would advise that it should be worn on a “bone-dry day” and not to muddy music festivals.

Nike Air Max 97/BW SK

Nike Air Max 97/BW SK

Nike Air Max 97/BW SK

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