Your taste in music makes you more attractive - new research

Taste in music makes you more attractive

New research from music streaming service, Deezer has revealed the role that music plays in our love lives. 

For starters, more than one in three (33 per cent) found their partner while listening to music and 36 per cent met somewhere where music was playing - like a party or a gig. Almost two in three (63 per cent) of couples shared similar taste in music. 

The research also suggests that 44 per cent of  people find it attractive if their date likes rock music - beating pop and R&B. A fifth of couples suggested their partner would be more attractive if they had better taste in music (18 per cent).  

A full 23 per cent of 18-34 year olds have broken up with a partner because of their music taste, suggesting that while music may be a great uniter, getting it wrong in terms of music taste has a price - especially when dealing with passionate listeners.

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