How to turn your spare room into a home cinema

Turn your spare room into a home cinema

Going to the cinema is one of the most common ways people in the UK love to spend their time, with over 170 million annual UK admissions last year, according to the UK cinema association.

While it’s a solid go-to for a range of occasions, in reality there are some days where we’d all rather stay in, lounge around and binge-watch Netflix. Now, we know it doesn’t beat the real deal, but why not take the opportunity to convert your spare room from dumping ground to your own home cinema for those days you just can’t face leaving the house?


The key to any cinema is sourcing the biggest possible screen to suit the room and give you the ultimate picture quality. Technology advances are never-ending, so you’re always going to be able to bag a bargain someplace or another. Scope out retailer sites to find steals like this LG 49 Inch Smart TV from Curry’s, to give you and your mates the idyllic cinematic experience. If you’re wanting to do it exactly how the cinemas do it, ditch the TV and invest in a projector instead, like these from Projector Shop 24, which can double up to work with your games console as well — just be sure you have a decent enough sized wall to project on!


While the cinema might have narrow seats coated in popcorn from the previous showing, you can invest in luxury seating for your own home! An impressive sized L-shaped sofa, like these Timeless Chesterfields ones, will give you enough space to host your mates when the latest Marvel film finally releases to Sky Movies, or when the match of the year is on. But, whatever furniture you choose, don’t forget to deck it out with blankets and pillows to keep you relaxed in even the tensest film situations.


Make like the cinema and cut down on some energy costs by letting the screen light up the room for you. It should have curtains or blinds you can close to re-create the ultimate cinema experience and to make the room as dark as you possibly can — even if it’s just to hide the fact you fell asleep 10 minutes into the film! Blackout blinds, like the ones from Blinds2Go, are a great investment for any room, particularly one whose main purpose is to refine the senses using darkness, so be sure to nail the cinematic atmosphere with these.


Watching a film on volume 70 is all fun and games, until someone comes in and tells you to turn it down. Stop future interruptions to your screening by installing some stiff foam soundproofing around the room, or solely to the doorframe to prevent sound leakage. If your house is still in the making, ask if the contractors can add an extra layer of foam insulation to the walls and ceiling of the spare room to give that immersive effect. When it comes to sound, speakers are going to be the key investment. The general format for speakers is 5.1, meaning five small speakers and one large subwoofer. Play around with the positioning of the smaller ones to make sure you’re getting that prime cinema experience, with each corner of the room receiving evenly distributed sound.


Kit out your cinema room with a mini fridge or one of these Andrew James popcorn makers, for unlimited snacks and maximum enjoyment! Hooking up your DVD player or PS4 to your TV or projector can add an extra purpose to the room, as well as being the device you stream films and shows off.

Transforming your spare room into a cinema is nothing short of genius, offering a place for you and your mates to kick back, relax and have mammoth movie sessions. Use our guide to make sure you’re covering all the key areas to designing your own cinema room — then grab the popcorn , take a seat and keep shtum — shhh, it’s starting!

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