New poll reveals when men think they have to 'dress their age'

Dress your age men 30s 40s

A new poll of 2,000 adults has revealed that men start finding clothes shopping trickier at the age of 37. According to the study, at this age, men start to feel like they can no longer wear the clothes they used to and simply stick to 'what they know'.

The study, commissioned by VoucherCodes, also found that, the average man spends a total of £14,210 on clothing in their lifetime and wastes a total of £2,292 on pieces which end up in the bin or the local charity shop. Two-thirds of adults, men and women, said they were too embarrassed to wear anything 'on-trend' and two in struggle to know what fits them.

However, the study also dispelled the myth that adults in their 30s and 40s stop trying to keep up with the latest fashion. According to the study, the average 35 to 40 year old spends more on clothing than any other age group - £321.57

According to VoucherCodes, “For many of us, what we wear is very much part of our identity and how we want to be perceived by others. You’d assume that by the time you reach your late 30’s you’ve got your style down to a tee, but how we want to be perceived can change as we get older. The results suggest we become a little more subtle with our style as we get older – making us less likely to commit fashion faux pas.”

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