Technology of tomorrow will save you four months of your life

 Technology of tomorrow will save you four months of your life

A new poll conducted by Marriott Hotels has suggested that you can save four months of your lifetime by using technology such as artificial intelligence and chatbots.

In today's time poor society, innovative technology helps save valuable time and get more out of busy schedules. According to the poll, 9 out of 10 (92%) business travelers from the UK, Spain, Germany and France say that technology is helping them free up more time for leisure on their business trips.

As well as utilising reward programmes, business travelers are constantly finding ways using their phone or other devices to save time, as over 3 in 5 people in the UK (66%) use mobile apps to aid their business travel experience and just over two fifths (42%) use their mobile wallet on their phone.

For business travelers between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, having the latest technology in hotels is more important than the comfort. 80% of that age group also said that having the latest technology at their disposal improves their experience.

According to technology expert and TV presenter, George Barrat, "people are looking for more efficient ways to travel because we are so time poor. We want to do it all, we want to go out and experience the World. So to have technology that’s streamlined and helps save us time is really, really important.”

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