9 things that won't exist for much longer

Remember fax machines, VHS tapes and MiniDiscs? Some people born after 2000 probably have no ideas what these are. At the height of their popularity, they were a part of everyday life but today, they are all irrelevant, impractical or just bizarre. Makes you wonder which everyday items and trends of today will be irrelevant in the future. Doesn't it?

Well, BACARDÍ® Rum has teamed up with expert forecaster, Jacqui Ma to predict a list of things that will be irrelevant, impractical or just bizarre in the future. Jacqui observed trends over the last few decades to come up with this list.

Here's her list:

Physical payment (we’ll become a cashless society)

Using plastic straws

Physical media such as CDs and DVDs

Petrol and diesel cars


Shampoo in liquid formats (turns to bars and soaps)

Fear of eating bugs (our diet will be packed full of creepy crawlies)

Cables for charging/power

Paper passports

BACARDÍ® Rum has also teamed up with Lonely Whale, a non-profit organisation to get bars, restaurants and venues to commit to a goal of removing 50 million single use plastic straws by becoming 100 per cent single-use plastic straw-free.

Plastic straws cannot be easily recycled, they are not biodegradable or fully degradable and they present a significant threat to ocean wildlife. 

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