Meet the man making it easier for muscular men to find clothes that fit

Even for many of us that haven't set foot inside a gym for a very long time, the thought of having ripped muscles is one that is not far away from many men's minds. However, while the rest of us fantasize about bulging biceps, the men that actually live that life often struggle to find clothes that fit.

For many muscular men, finding clothes that fit and look good is a great challenge. And despite the fact that we live in an era that is becoming more and more fitness motivated, the majority of  clothing brands still do not offer premium clothing for men with a bigger, bolder and athletic build.

This is what made entrepreneur Sean Hammon invest his own money into Oxcloth (, a brand that sets out to provide the best fitting and fashionable men's apparel of the highest quality and comfort.

We spoke to Sean to discuss the journey so far, his dream celebrity endorsement and what the future holds for Oxcloth.

Tell us about Oxcloth. What is it?

Oxcloth is a premium men’s clothing brand that specifically caters to muscular bodybuilders and athletic men who struggle to find high quality, well-fitted clothes. From jeans to shirts, we offer smart attire with bespoke sizes that are tailored specifically for men with a muscular build.

How did you come up with the idea for Oxcloth?

My parents have always owned their own companies, and business was always widely spoken about within our family growing up. That’s what inspired me to become an entrepreneur. After completing my A Levels, I went on to work for the family business and spent the following years researching gaps in the market, particularly within the body building world which was something I was really interested in; I wanted to start creating something that was my own which led to the development of Oxcloth.

I’ve been a keen gym-goer since the age of 14 and while I’m not the largest guy in the gym, I always found it hard to fit in well-fitted shirts and jeans due to my size. Knowing I couldn’t be the only one with these struggles, I was surprised to see there were very few brands out there who offered true muscle fit clothing; having identified a gap in the market, this gave me the idea to become one of the first.

The more I looked into it and did my market research, the more apparent the need for the brand became. I decided to take the plunge and invested £30,000 of my own money and launched Oxcloth in November 2016.

What did you do for a living before you started Oxcloth?

After completing my A-levels, I began working for the family business with my parents, who own a Nail and Beauty company that distributes products throughout the UK and Europe, as well as internationally.

After coming into troubles with our current suppliers, I was presented with the task of starting up a manufacturing company to produce and supply the core product sold by the family business, which I consequently began to run full time. Within the first two years, the company had opened its own warehouse, manufacturing a variety of products as well as private labeling for top brands, generating over £500,000 in turnover.

It was at this point that I felt the time was right for me to go solo and start my own business; I had learnt a great deal about business and entrepreneurship throughout the 2 years of running the manufacturing business and from working with my parents which gave me the confidence to pursue a business venture within a field I was passionate about.

What has been the biggest challenge with getting Oxcloth off the ground?

I think developing a high quality, premium brand that customers believed in and trusted was the biggest challenge. The fashion industry is extremely saturated, and as the bodybuilding industry in particular continues to grow and expand each year, more and more established brands are offering ‘muscle fit’ clothing. As a new brand in the market, I would say our biggest challenge was making a mark within the fashion industry and gaining the trust and respect from our new and existing customers.

There have also been lots of smaller challenges regarding the day to day running of the business, for things that I have never had to do before, coming from a B2B background. Things such as setting up a website, learning how to SEO correctly, dealing with influencers, returns, privacy laws etc. I feel anyone starting a business should expect to have to learn most of these themselves to understand their company from top to bottom.

Sean Hammon - Founder, Oxcloth

What has been the highlight of the journey so far?

There have been so many it is hard to choose – each milestone has been a great achievement for me as I often cannot believe it myself! I would say the main highlights were receiving our first ever order and then working with some of the most respected and influential bodybuilders within the industry who have really played a key role in the brands success over the last 2 years.

If you could have one famous person wearing your clothes, who would it be and why

It would have to be non-other than the epitome of a true athletic gentleman - Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

What does the future hold for Oxcloth? Any other ventures in the works?

Since launching the business in 2016 I have been the only employee, but as the business expands, the work load also increases. Employing other people and building a team at Oxcloth is my next goal. This is something which really excites me, as I believe by expanding internally it will allow us to grow externally.

Growth is a huge element which drives me every day. Oxcloth is currently going from strength to strength, building our brand awareness and customer base. The loyalty of our customers who continue to return and make repeat purchases from our site brings be great joy each day – they are, of course, the reason we are still going and growing!

I would love to see the brand sold across other online networks, as well as in stores across the world as an established, go-to brand for athletes and bodybuilders. In the pipeline at the moment, we are speaking to a number of potential distributors who I hope and believe will be able to spread the Oxcloth word even more and offer our overseas customers a service which is much closer to home.

Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

You don’t need millions to start a business but at the same time you don’t want to throw everything you have into something that might not work. Invest smart, see if there is a market first. If you provide something that people need that is good quality, with the correct marketing, you have the right building blocks to start something that could be really great. Learn as much as you can so you can do a lot of it yourself but know when you need to seek expert advice or help, for example for your website or accounting software. Pick an industry that you are passionate about because building a business takes a lot of hours and sacrifice.

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