IT'S OFFICIAL - Facial hair makes men more attractive to women

Beard gang, facial hair

#NoShaveNovember might be drawing to an end but any man looking for love would be wise to keep their facial hair.

Throughout the month of November, global dating platform collected data from some of it's hairiest users to find out if there was any truth to the historical perception of sexual attractiveness, masculinity and protection/security attached to having facial hair.

What researchers found was that men with a full beard in two or more pictures were interacted with three times longer than their counterparts - on average, 11 consecutive days. Those without any facial hair had the second longest average conversation length, followed lastly by those with stubble.

The study, which collected data from 10,000 active users, also found that more than half (51 per cent) of the website's female users interacted with men that had some level of  facial hair in November.

Interestingly, website traffic among women seeking men increased by 30 percent during the month of November. Women were also 21 per cent more likely to initiate conversation in comparison to previous months of the year.

According to Maria Sullivan, Vice President of, “We were surprised to see that women are the fundamental drivers of the change, which has been different than previous years. This year has generated the highest behavioral shifts in November online activity than in any other recent year.”

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