How to look after your skin during harsh weather

Winter skin care for men

Vivian Lau is Founder of a new natural and organic men’s skincare range Vitruvian Man. As an expert in men’s skincare and good grooming routines, she shares her tips on how to protect your skin during cold and wintry conditions:

With the weather forecast predicting a cold new chill, this is the time to pay extra attention to skin protection.

We all suffer the effects of the changing seasons: increased time indoors, drying artificial office air and central heating have a dehydrating effect and can leave our skin feeling drawn and dull.

The most important rule? Moisturize daily. Adding moisture to your skin every day will greatly reduce that uncomfortable dry feeling and help reduce patchy blemishes.

But there’s an art to moisturizing effectively and it starts with your bath or shower. Washing your face with hot water will rid your skin of its natural oil. If you follow this with a shave or face scrub you’re leaving your skin more parched and irritated so its important to restore moisture as soon as you can.

To make sure you get the most out of your moisturizing routine, apply straight after your wash and then pat your face dry. Apply a coin size amount with your fingertips and take time to massage into your face and neck with small, circular motions. Don’t forget the sometimes neglected skin behind your ears too. Gently massaging in your moisturizer will increase blood circulation, help re-hydrate and re-generate skin cells.

If you’re a regular traveller for work or planning a winter trip to the sun, air cabin pressure and moving from cold to hot climates will have another drying effect on your skin.

Over-exposure to UV rays will contribute to premature skin aging so check your moisturizer has in-built SPF. SPF will help filter the sun’s rays but if you’re planning on a daily dip in the sea, make sure your sunscreen product contains a mineral SPF such as zinc oxide which is less damaging to marine life.

Finally, if you have sensitive skin, Winter conditions can lead to raw, red or flaky patches. Check the product ingredients on your moisturizer and look for natural ingredients or a blend with essential oils. Its best to avoid products that contain synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, or alcohol.

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