UK charity uses Spotify playlists to tell unheard stories of youth homelessness

DEPAUL UNHEARD: Playlist against homelessness

When you think of the UK, you probably don't think of the fact that more than 80,000 young people experience homelessness in the UK every year. However, that is the unfortunate truth. What's even worse is that this problem often goes unnoticed.

To highlight the problem, youth homelessness charity Depaul UK has joined forces with Spotify to tell the stories of 4 young people who have experienced homelessness. DEPAUL UNHEARD: Playlists Against Homelessness aims to reach young people between the ages of 16 and 25 with which Depaul UK works, as well as reframe how they see homelessness.

With the support of Spotify playlists, the stories of George, 20, Kristina, 20, Fatos, 25, Jecoliah, 19 and Emma 21, are told in using the titles of songs in a personal way. As users read the song titles, the playlist reveals each young person's experience of homelessness. There is also a final "track" that allows listeners to hear directly from the individual, giving a unique insight into their previously unheard story.

According to Mike Thiedke, Depaul UK’s CEO, “every experience of homelessness is unique, and the diversity of playlists demonstrates this. Through Spotify, we hope to break through the noise and reach listeners directly so that they can understand what people like George and Fatos have experienced.

Talking about the partnership Spotify’s UK Head of Sales Rakesh Patel said: “I am very happy that Spotify is able to allow these stories to be heard and shared through our platform and the artists on it.”

Check out George, Kristina, Fatos and Jecoliah's story here:

You can also check out the playlists here:

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