No more mud! - Festival goers now demand spa treatments and yoga

When you think of music festivals, the image that often comes to mind is muddy fields and disheveled revelers. However, this looks like it could be a thing of the past.

A new poll of 2,000 festival goers has revealed that the tradition of a festival in a field watching act after act is no longer what people want. Seven in 10 say they are more interested in activities, rather than just music to listen to.

The most important factor when choosing from the endless choice of open air music events was unsurprisingly the line-up, closely followed by cost and location. However, expectations of festival goers are changing, as other top factors when deciding on a particular festival were revealed to be the uniqueness of the experience and the key theme . The traditional tent is also no longer the favourite place to sleep. According to the poll, hotels are the ideal place to sleep, closely followed by a log cabin.

According to Cosmin Sarbu, head of Admiral Travel Insurance, “While a lot of people go to a festival to see their favourite bands, many also go for the atmosphere, a new location and other activities to take part in. It’s important for festival goers – particularly those choosing their first festival – to find the right one for them to fully enjoy the experience".

The decline in the desire for classic field festivals is also supported by the revelation that one in 10 are bucking the trend for summer festivals and would prefer a winter event now. It also emerged that festival goers would like to learn skills when not watching bands, such as playing an instrument, cooking and even skiing. Six in 10 said the perfect festival includes a mix of activities in the day and parties into the night.

Cosmin added: “Festivals are no longer just for music – there’s huge diversity in festival types, from skiing and comedy events to food and literature festivals. All this choice makes it even more important to make sure you’re heading to the right festival for you – location, atmosphere, cost and activities on offer are all part of the experience.

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