42 minutes, 29 seconds - that's all you have to make a good impression on a first date

Online dating, love at first sight

In the age of online dating, there is no shortage of options on the road to finding true love. However, the abundance of options has not made things easier. There is a lot of pressure on both parties to make a good impression and making even the smallest mistake could really mess things up.

According to a new poll of active daters, it takes an average of just 42 minutes and 29 seconds of meeting a person to know if they want a second date. One in five (19 per cent) even said they can tell in under 10 minutes if they will want to see that person again.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that things happen very quickly in the online dating world. The poll also found that online daters talk for an average of five days before agreeing to meet in person. More than one in ten (12 per cent) 'pen pals' will even keep up the digital conversation for over two weeks before setting a date.

According to David Vermeulen, CEO and founder of dating app, The Inner Circle, "There’s really no point in chatting online for days and weeks on end. You could meet in person and realise you’ve wasted all that time because the chemistry just isn’t there. Getting out there and having real-life experiences is the best way to suss out your potential partner and have fun at the same time.”

Daters identified the top five benefits of meeting someone in real life over keeping up the dating app chat:
  • Being attracted to their personality, not just their online profile (39 per cent)
  • Seeing if there is physical chemistry (39 per cent)
  • Seeing genuine reactions, not just emojis (35 per cent)
  • Initial eye contact (26 per cent)
  • Hearing their voice (23 per cent)

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