eSport prize money will rise to $30,000,000 by 2023

Not too long ago, playing video games was widely derided as a hobby for loners and losers. The rise of eSport, however, has changed this perception entirely. Just over a week ago, online gamer Kyle Giersdorf took home a cheque for $3,000,000 for winning the Fortnite World Cup. Like this wasn't enough to convince doubters, a new report suggests that eSport will be paying out nearly $30,000,000 on average by 2023.

How To Become An eSports Champion uses detailed market data from the last 20 years to predict the average winnings for the next five years. This includes the exact amount players, teams and countries are likely to win, as well as how much games, genres and events will pay out. Just 10 years ago, eSport prize money was $160,000 on average; a figure that has jumped to well above $15,000,000 and is expected to keep on rising at a significant rate.

The prize money for eSports is also higher than any other sport. When tennis superstar Novak Djokovic won the 2019 Wimbledon championship, he took home $2,900,000. Shane Lowry took home $1,935,000 for winning the British Open golf tournament. the winner of the London Marathon claims around $48,000, the Tour de France champion around $550,000, while Adam Peaty recently won just $20,000 for a gold medal at the World Aquatics Championships.

How to Become an eSports Champion also looks at the highest-paying events, game genres and game titles, along with the highest-earning countries, players and teams, to establish what’s really worth playing in 2019 and beyond.

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