Forever stylish - 35 percent of male style icons are over 50 years old

If you were asked who the style icons of  men are, you'd be forgiven for thinking it would be the likes of Chris Helmsworth, Tom Holland or Drake. However, a new poll from fashion retailer Cotton Traders has revealed that 35 percent of consider the likes of George Clooney, Will Smith and David Bowie. Basically, men 50 years old or older.

Even though majority of men (61 percent) chose chose men between 30 and 50, selecting celebrities like David Beckham and Tom Hardy, the fact that more than one in three men chose men over 50 suggests that have still got it.

It's not everyday that 'old men' get credit for their fashion sense so to celebrate this moment the good people at Cotton Traders have created a list of the most fashionable over-50s who topped the list and are proving that style has no age limit.

George Clooney 
Age: 58

Even if this list wasn’t for men over 50, we can guarantee that George Clooney would be on it anyway. His dress sense reflects his natural charm and confidence perfectly, which is why he’s been a style icon for decades. It’s true that he sticks to what he knows - you’ll struggle to see him out of a suit - but Clooney’s signature look oozes elegance and has set the bar for the ‘black tie’ dress code.

Will Smith
Age: 50

Jaden Smith may be making waves in the fashion world, but Will is proving that his old man can still keep up. From the classic suits of the Men in Black to the finest silks in Agrabah, Will Smith has been keeping it fresh since Bel-Air. But it’s not just his on-screen costumes that are turning heads, as time and time again he’s effortlessly transitioned from stylish streetwear to a classic three-piece.

Johnny Depp
Age: 56

Often imitated but never matched, Johnny Depp’s outfit choices have become iconic. Although he has some fashion favourites - think leather cuffs, scarves and a fistful of rings - Depp’s looks are as varied as his characters. Avant-garde through and through, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and is guaranteed to turn heads, whether he’s on the street or the red carpet.

James Bond
Age: Varies

We’ve created a joint listing for this one, as Daniel Craig, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery (all of whom are over 50) were all shortlisted. James Bond is British style and class personified, leaving a spot for all these legendary actors on this list. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our results, it’s that Aston Martins, flashy watches - with or without gadgets - and a timeless black tux are still very much in vogue.

Harrison Ford
Age: 77

Harrison Ford is a celebrity who discovered his style at an early age and ran with it. You’ll be familiar with Ford as a Hollywood rogue, whether he’s hunting down the Ark of the Covenant or piloting the Millenium Falcon. Although he can effortlessly pull off a suit when he needs to, you’ll find that he’s more at home in the style of his characters - often opting for casual denim and leather.

David Bowie
Age: 69

If there was ever a rulebook on fashion, David Bowie destroyed it. Used as a catalyst for self-expression, Bowie’s style statements were loud, proud and in your face. From glitter, makeup and eye-wateringly tight costumes, David Bowie pushed the boundaries every time he stepped on stage. He wore whatever he wanted and didn’t care what anybody thought, which has got to be respected.

Prince Philip
Age: 98

As a member of the Royal Family and a figure in the public eye, it’s unlikely that anyone has seen the Duke of Edinburgh look anything than at his best. Whether he’s wearing one of his numerous Savile Row suits or is sporting his full military dress, Prince Philip always looks impeccable. Plus, there’s something to be said about a man who can pull off a top hat.

Jeff Goldblum
Age: 66

The man, the myth, the legend. Cultural icon and Hollywood hipster Jeff Goldblum is living, breathing proof that style has no age limit. Flaunting outfits that men half his age would struggle to get away with, he has a fashion arsenal at his disposal. It doesn’t matter if it’s velvet, suede, satin or animal print -- Jeff Goldblum can pull it off. His wardrobe is a combination of elegance, sophistication and just a touch of madness.

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