Want to get a date? Don't say "hi"

New data from dating app, The Inner Circle has suggested that opening lines that include 'hi', 'hey' and 'hello' are 45 percent less likely to get responses. The data, which is based on an analysis of certain keywords, phrases and punctuation and presented the aggregated and anonymised results, found that even when you add the name of the person you are trying to connect with, your chances are only improved by 4 percent.

Interestingly, when drinks are mentioned in the first message (beer, in particular), chances are significantly improved. Also, while men are more likely to initiate conversation, women are 2.5 times more likely to get a reply. Suggesting that men could benefit the most from a change in approach

The data also revealed that messages over 20 words get significantly fewer responses. The magic number (of words) is apparently 18.

According to Crystal Cansdale, communications director at The Inner Circle, "In the age of endless swiping, a basic message is not going to cut through. In other words, hey is for horses, not for dating. You only get one opening line, so make sure it’s fun and inventive and shows you are interested in getting to know your match. This will help you to attract a positive response and get together in real life more quickly.”

Cansdale also shared the following tips for a successful start:

Make it personal: This doesn’t just mean adding someone’s name. It means picking up on something in their profile and creating a real conversation.

Show your intentions: If you want to get together with this person in real life, let them know up front. It’s assertive and cuts through the tedious dating small talk.

Abandon the emojis: Only 5% of people send emojis in their opening message. But those who do get fewer responses. There’s no space for emojis in the language of love.

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