Motorola resurrect classic Razr with foldable screen

15 years after the classic Razr was unveiled, Motorola has relaunched one of the most famous handsets ever.

The new Razr comes with a foldable 6.2 inch screen that unfurls on the inside of the phone as well as a small screen that displays notifications on the phone's outer shell. The new phone is slightly thicker than the old phone (14mm vs 13.9mm) and its outer screen - which Motorola is calling the "Quick View Display" - can be used to view notifications, reply to messages, take calls and make contactless payments.

Motorola, which is now a unit of Chinese tech giant, Lenovo, have described the new Razr as an "impossible" feat of engineering, with a fold that closes flush against the other side. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold which has a considerable gap between each screen when folded.

“With the new Razr we had to rethink how to engineer a phone,” said Glenn Schultz, Motorola’s head of product development. “Our zero-gap hinge allowed us to bring to market a device that folds completely in half. Many didn’t believe we could do it, but let me tell you, it's fun to work on something that everyone thinks is impossible.”
The phone will cost $1,500 and will initially be on sale in the US from Boxing Day, 26 December and later on in other markets.

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