Sharp Guy Magazine's November Wishlist

Every month, the Sharp Guy team puts together a list of items that's excited us. Here is our wishlist for November.

UNTUCKit shirts

After putting in a lot of research to understand where people wanted their shirt to fall, UNTUCKit introduced a range of shirts designed to be untucked. One fit for comfort and not convention; designed for the untucked man. An untucked shirt. UNTUCKit shirts are dress shirts for the modern man. With more than 50 fit combinations, the shirts and are built so men of all-shapes-and-sizes can enjoy the shirt, which are designed to fall at the perfect length every time. Retail price: from £70

Vitae London Walmer Midnight x Gold watch 

Pairing minimalist design with stylish modernity, Vitae London’s classic range of watches are subtle yet sophisticated time-pieces suited to everyone. The Walmer range is named after a township on Port Elizabeth, South Africa that we support. Featuring a stainless steel mesh strap, equipped with scratch resistant sapphire glass, our watches can be sported by everyone. From the sleek city worker to the trend-setting hipster, our contemporary yet uniquely understated and eye-catching watches complement every individual. The 40mm faces tend to be the ideal size for men and a great size for women who prefer much larger faces. Retail price: £199

Moda in Pelle Berwick Navy leather hi-top trainers

Heritage shoe brand, Moda in Pelle has launched its first ever men’s collection, after 40 years focusing on women’s shoes. The new range consists of 33 styles including lace up leather boots, brogues, smart trainers and desert boots. These Berwick Navy leather hi-top trainers are made with high shine and a padded topline to give you that comfortable, yet stylish look. Retail price: £99.95.

Silk Road White Spiced Rum

Silk Road Distillers has created a blend of 6 vapour-infused botanicals that will transform the way you think about rum. Silk Road claim to have created a new category of spirit, white spiced rum, which aims to show that there is more to white rum than coconut. You’re used to spiced rum being sweet, dark and ruled by pirates. Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum is a delicate, light and more refined alternative. While ingredients are added to the liquid itself when producing traditional spiced rum, Silk Road’s White Spiced Rum’s flavours are vapour infused during the distillation process. Retail price: £35

Hive View Outdoor

Protect your home with this Hive View Outdoor, a smart outdoor security camera that live streams to your smartphone and delivers activity notifications. The camera also boasts night vision and two-way communication. This camera is easy to install and most competent DIYers will be able to drill the required hole in the wall. Free cloud storage, smart scheduling and a clean-looking app help to round off the package, making the Hive View Outdoor one of the best examples of an outdoor camera. Retail price: £179.99

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