Want to be a billionaire? Study engineering and don't work for a family-owned business

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'Oh, I swear the world better prepare for when I'm a billionaire' Those are the words of the 2010 hit single, 'Billionaire' from Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars. As much as being a billionaire is a thought that crosses most people's minds from time to time, the type of person that is more likely to become a billionaire and how exactly you become one is not always so straight forward.

To help us work out what type of person is more likely to become a billionaire, sales recruitment agency, Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment, has examined the career backgrounds of the wealthiest 100 people in the world. According to the study, 80 of the world’s richest 100 people have a university degree. Exactly a quarter of these graduated with a degree in engineering. 54 percent also started working in a non-family owned business.

When you consider the type of first job, the most common jobs include Engineer (8), Stock Trader (8), Software Developer (7) and Salesman (6). The study also looked at the top degree by subject type and the top 5 results where Engineering (20), Finance and Economics (12), Business (12) and Sciences (4).

Interestingly, the number of Chinese billionaires’ is on the rise, rising from 7 to 10 in the last three years. Men also dominate the list of wealthiest individuals with only 8 out of the top 100 billionaires being female.

Rob Scott, Managing Director at Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment said: “In 2019 we are seeing a shift in old-money wealth from minerals and resources to a new generation of billionaires from software entrepreneurship. It’s unsurprising that highly educated and technically experienced entrepreneurs are making their way to the top, with a degree being a great basis for the start of your career.”

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