More than one in three men don't feel confident about their bodies

Male body confidence

A new report from online retailer, Jacamo has revealed that more than one in three men (38 percent) do not feel confident about their bodies and 41 percent want to see a similar movement for men as is seen for women around body positivity.

The Modern Manual 2.0, which samples the opinion of more than 2,000 men, is a continuation of a report first released in 2015 and it highlights gaps in conversation when it comes to what it means to be a man today, both inside and out. It looks into male body image, attitudes and core values, and calls for men to stand, be counted, celebrated, understood and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

The research found that a quarter of men don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone at all about their feelings and over half (58 percent) consider the pub to be their ‘safe space’ and are most likely to meet up with friends there, over anywhere else.

Outside of body image, when asked what they think are the most important qualities in a man, 74 percent said honesty and 73 percent good manners. To add even more substance to the ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ debate, 74 percent of men stated they do not think physical strength is key to ‘being a man’.

Looking into the qualities that men deem as showing success in their lives, health (57 percent) and mental health (52 percent) are the two biggest measures.

Kenyatte Nelson, Chief Brand Officer for Jacamo, commented “Our aim at Jacamo has always been to make men feel comfortable and stylish in the clothes that they wear, however it’s obvious from some of our findings that there are much bigger factors at play here, the subject of body confidence for men being just one of them".

Nelson also added that “in a world of superficial bias, Jacamo seeks to champion the true measure of a man. We want to help drive a change in how men feel about themselves – it’s something the female fashion industry has made great strides in. What’s also been highlighted is the need to encourage men to talk more openly about some of these issues. As a brand, encouraging this conversation will only help us better understand and serve our customer.”

The Modern Manual 2.0 can be viewed in full here:

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